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Tom and Jerry Holiday 4 Kid Favorites

Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol 1: Enjoy their most catfighting, roughmousing adventures over and over again! Through 12 cartoon capers full of fur-flying, fun-packing chases and calamities, Tom and Jerry are still ever-determined to beat each other to the punch.

Tom and Jerry Paws for a Holiday: Join Tom and Jerry for the thrill of the chase, with a few winter chills tossed in, as they dash through the snow- headed straight for laughs. Skate through the classic battle of wits in these classics filled with purrfect comic timing and side-splitting sight gags!

Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers: It's going to be a wild winter with your favorite cat and mouse as Tom and Jerry return in this collection of their most wonderful wintertime hits!

Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale: In an empty opera house Jerry wishes for a change to perform and magically his dream comes true. The little mouse is whisked away to an enchanted kingdom where anything is possible!