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True Blood: The Complete Third Season
(5-Disc Set)

Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten

The Maenadian reign of terror may be over, but Sookie Stackhouse and the townspeople of Bon Temps face a new calamity that makes the bacchanalian evils of Maryann Forrester seem tame by comparison. Welcome to True Blood Season 3! The 12 episodes composing True Blood season 3 are the best yet. As season 2 saw an onslaught of pagan and ancient Greek-derived ""supernaturals,"" this season welcomes everything from werewolves, to vampire royalty, to that surprise-being that Sookie Stackhouse finally discovers she shares genes with. From the first episode, ""Bad Blood,"" when Bill is whisked off to meet the King of Mississippi, whose villainous scheme will inform all ensuing episodes, one gets less of Sookie and Bill, and more of everything else. 5-Disc Set.